welcome to united we stand. We are a Marvel RPG based on more on the X-Men Movieverse, but we allow some freedom with your characters. The story is set almost a year after the incident at Alkali Lake. The X-Men are trying to pick up the pieces after a massive battle with the Brotherhood. Cyclops is in mourning after the loss of his wife, Jean Grey. but he is still leading the team along with Storm. Magneto's Brotherhood suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of the X-Men and they have regrouped to lick their wounds and find a new goal to achieve.

December 20th - Site created
December 21st&22nd - Site Under Construction
January 9th - New Skin <3

the skin was made by talyn @ shine. please do not steal her hard work. the tabbed sidebar is credit to kismet @ rpg-d. the fixed sidebar is credit to shani. Plot, Rules & Member group templates created by Talyn@Shine
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The site died before it really had a chance to take off. I don't take the decision to close it lightly, as I wanted it to work and be a success but without members and activity, that won't happen.

-UWS Staff-
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